About us

'For each disease there is one plant. It is just important to find it.' Paracelsus

Health is vital for each of us, and our goal is to find the best solutions for an ideal state of health. That is why at FarmaClass we are determined to develop new, dedicated, researched, and verified formulas that lead to the improvement and maintenance of human health.
The FarmaClass product portfolio is continuously developing, being focused on several lines of actions, so that its course can cover a large range of pathologies, ensuring the prevention of diseases and the maintenance of an ideal state of health of the human body.

In order to make sure that we add value to our patients and customers, we, at FarmaClass, are always interested in improving the way we perform the research, development, and manufacturing of our products.

FarmaClass Industry is a new and modern company, founded in 2007, through which we desire to achieve the targeted goals. Through our development plans we intend to obtain, in a short time, an important position in the pharmaceutical products and food supplements market.

With a particular care for details, preserving and yet developing traditional formulas, FarmaClass Industry uses best quality raw materials, attentively selected; qualified professionals; strict quality control for the products, all in order to satisfy our patients and customers.   

The company products are manufactured in compliance with the food quality and safety at European standards, fully in line with the recommendations of the national and international medical bodies.